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「鎌倉に在る ”uramichi” にて、2021年4月10日から25日まで開催された企画展、「追憶の幻像」









The exhibition " Tuioku no genzou (meaning "the phantom of remembrance")" was held at the boutique "uramichi" in Kamakura from April 10 to 25, 2021.


The word "TUIOKU" is a Japanese word that means to be lost in nostalgia.

"GENZOU" is a word that means an illusion that seems to exist even though it does not.

I set up the exhibition space by recalling the atmosphere of my atelier in Hachioji, the place where shimizukoki started, which is no longer there.

Uramichi is a store that stands quietly in a quiet residential area.

The exhibition was a combination of the quiet space of Uramichi, the affection of the visitors, and the antiques used in the atelier, making it a very beautiful and comfortable time.

I hope to recreate such a beautiful scene in my next atelier.


Production Date / 2021. April