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2016年1月、東京八王子 高尾山に程近い線路沿いの平屋で、「アンティーク」と「生活時間」の豊穣性を考える、住居兼私的な実験室、“アトリエ" を構えることになりました。





移住先の家は、美しい自然に囲まれた集落にある古家で、この地で再び、”古物” と自らの手で作り上げた "生活道具や紙物” などの作品を手に、「生活時間」の豊穣性を鑑みながら、暮らしを営んでいきたいと考えています。



2021年7月13日 清水昂喜


In January 2016, I decided to set up my residence and private laboratory "Atelier" to think about the richness of "antiques" and "life" in a one-story house along the railroad tracks near Mt. Takao in Hachioji City, Tokyo. Up to that point, I had been working in the architecture field in Osaka, but I decided to quit that job and move to this place, which I had no connection to, just based on my own feelings at the time, with dreams of starting a business dealing with antiques. However, the reality was different from the ideal I had imagined, and I still vividly remember that it was a very painful beginning. However, thanks to the cooperation and support of many people, I managed to continue my work.

In July 2019, with the demolition of the building, I moved out of my atelier and stopped my work for a while. In January 2021, I decided to move from Tokyo to a small village in Mikawa, Aichi Prefecture, to resume my activities as an individual. The house I am moving to is an old house in a village surrounded by beautiful nature.

In this place, I would like to face "antiques" and "life" once again and run my life while making daily life tools and paper works with my own hands. Little by little, as the seasons change in this place, I would like to build up my days again and find the answers to the questions I have not yet found in that atelier. I wish for a new start and wonderful encounters in the past and in the future. I am still a novice, but I look forward to working with you.



July 13th, 2021 Koki Shimizu







清水 昂喜

作家 / 古物蒐集家



1987年 愛知県に生まれる

2009年 名古屋にある大学を卒業

2012年 名古屋にあるデザインの専門学校を卒業

2013年 大阪にて建築関係の仕事に携わる

2016年 東京八王子にてアンティークと生活の実験的なスペース、アトリエを構える

2019年 取り壊しのため、八王子のアトリエを退去

2021年 東京から愛知三河の里山に移住し、作家・古物蒐集家として活動を再開





Name : shimizu koki

Artist / Antique Collector


1987 Born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan

2009 Graduated from a university in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

2012 Graduated from a design school in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

2013 Worked on architectural work in Osaka

2016 Established atelier to seek antiques and living space in Hachioji City, Tokyo

2019 Moved away from Hachioji atelier for demolition


While renovating the next atelier, I am working on proposing antiques, making daily life tools by combining old objects, and creating works on paper.


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