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​XXII - 022

w61.3cm d24.6cm h68.7cm








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This glass shelf is simple yet beautifully detailed. It has an exquisite size as if it were intended for tabletop use. The look of the faintly shimmering old glass, the texture of the wood grain and metal fittings, and the overall atmosphere are all woven into a simple yet beautiful form that has been calculated with precision. The inside shelves can be easily removed, allowing you to enjoy replacing the furniture without stress. The glass doors have been adjusted to the extent that they do not damage the body. However, the hinges that support the glass doors are slightly sagging due to age-related deterioration, and on humid days, the wood may expand with moisture, making it difficult to close the doors. In this case, please pull up the knob slightly and close the door slowly. I hope you are looking for one of these.

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