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​XXIII -011

w7.5cm d9.2cm h10.9cm








DIGOIN & SARREGUEMINES creamer, a kiln established at the end of the 18th century, has had a complex and challenging history. Until 2007, it was a pottery company with a long history of pottery production under its name. As its long history shows, the company has produced various ceramics and has many fans and collectors worldwide. DIGOIN & SARREGUEMINES made this creamer at about the same time as the creamer introduced in the previous article, and it has a beautifully refined form with a shape that shows traces of handwork. The chips and penetrations give it an excellent overall appearance. The capacity is 180ml at the eighth fill and 225ml at the full fill, which is a comfortable size for daily use. It is a vessel suitable for everyday use, such as for drinking or serving sake.