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estimate age


​XXIII -013

φ16.3cm h9.3cm


Fin 19c - Early 20c






This café-au-lait bowl has beautiful with a graceful shape and withered look. The back of the bowl is faintly stamped "F.F.PEXONNE." This kiln is probably not familiar to many, but it originated from a pottery kiln set up around 1830 in Lorraine, which became known as F.F. PEXONNE in the 1850s, as shown on the stamp. Surprisingly, there is little information on the dating of this kiln in the country of origin, and it has not been possible to establish anything definitive. Still, from the stamp, shape, texture, and form, it is thought that the pottery was made between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The size is reasonably large for a café au lait bowl, and the scratches on the base suggest that it may have been used for breakfast or other meals. The bowl's elegant shape and history make it a beautiful piece, so please enjoy it for your favorite use. I hope you like it.