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estimate age


​XXIII -016

w2.3cm h2.4cm L24.7cm


Late 19c






This table knife has a simple yet beautiful form. The blade, which appears to be made of steel, and the ebony handle are simple yet elegant and will add beauty to your dining table. It can be used at the dining table and as a creative tool. The blade has been sharpened, so you can use it as it is, but it is a material that rusts quickly due to its nature, so please wipe it dry immediately after cleaning. If rust should appear, please polish it with a polishing sponge or steel wool. If the sharpness of the blade deteriorates, sharpen it lightly like a kitchen knife, and it will regain its edge. This knife is a little difficult to use, but it has a beautiful blade expression that stainless steel does not have, so if you like it.